Mend your life style this summer

If mending your lifestyle is still in your mind,then summer is the right time to set your fitness goal. Keep small targets and try to achieve that first.keeping small targets will keep you motivating and never let you down.once you achieve the target, reward yourself with something you are eyeing on since long can be anything.. a chocolate or a dress or a drink....but do it mind fully it should not shatter your next goal to achieve.To mend something you must know the fault in prepare a food dairy and note what you are eating and then correct it.Start working out ....not necessarily gym.Taking stairs or walking for couple of minutes can also bring some changes.Drink sufficient water to stay hydrated...Try to avoid stress .....try on different things which keeps you happy... may be catch up with friends...listening music...reading.And of- course sleep adequately foot good health.Bathing before sleeping reduces body temperature and helps in relaxation.Refrain from watching TV or computers 2 hours before bed time.Avoid doing any rigorous exercise before sleeping.sleeping till late on weekend will disturb your fitness goal.
So why waiting .....get start with it !

Water more than a cooling agent hhh

Staying hydrated has far more reasons than just quenching thirst . It helps to beat the blues,declutter the mind and reduce waistline.Drinking water is just not the only way to keep ourselve hydrated.There are a bounty of fruits and vegetables that helps in keeping you cool and active.And this list is not just to Watermelon,Cucumber,Tomatoes.The super hydrators are Spinach,Leek,Zuchini,Strawberries.

How to detox after a party

Our healthyl ifestyle get tweaked after a party if we don't follow a minimal healthy rule.parties and social gatherings are event where we feel helpless to keep ourselve stick to our healthy diet regime.The reason can be we being nicer to the people won't able to say no when food offered or the food is so tempting that we could not resist.alcohol again adds more difficulty.

So one should detox after party the very next day to get back to the health are the few tips

1.drink  a lot of water.If Water is not palatable then make infused water such as Apple cinnamon  or cucumber ginger mint which help you to flush out toxin caffeinated can better opt for herbal teas which u can dip through the day

3. Take a break from high protein and have fruits and vegetable in your diet

3. You can have soups,boiled vegetables,fruits as the best option.


Be wise while selecting your supplement

It’s really good and motivating that people are talking so much about health and fitness and getting health conscious too. But at the same time there has been so much in social media and in market about health products that anyone can be misguided. Those who want to have a muscular body and want to make six packs or need a gym body are offered protein supplements with big-big promises. In that case how can one know that the product they are buying is genuine and fulfill the purpose? In that case,Take the advice of a dietitian who can better guide you about the products with all her scientific approach.

Are you stressed for your increasing weight?

First stop getting stressed .Rather start working on to get fit. Stress increases the level of cortisol hormone in our body and in turn increases our appetite for junk foods. Increased level of cortisol causes our insulin hormone to increase, blood sugar level drops and we start craving for sugary and fatty food. This is the reason we try to reach for junk food rather than eating a banana.

Your mindset for food and exercise decides your health and fitness.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is a mind game and not that difficult too.Yes it needs practice.Small steps are required for your sustainable health achievements. Rigorous exercise may bring down your enthuse early.So start slowly. Check where you go wrong,slowly replace your bad habits of food with good one.Include a regular walk some or other way.You may accompany your kids to nearby park or can go with your pet for a stroll. If not that, Walk a mile to the office.Win over your own need to tweak your brain and of course taste buds.


Feeling sleepy post lunch?

Generally lunch is the biggest meal of the day and if you are eating until full then post lunch nap is obvious.The process of digestion also requires energy. So when you eat a big meal, more energy is required to digest that food. So blood is diverted away from other organ systems (including the nervous system) to aid with digestion. Carbs basically trigger the release of insulin which in turn stimulates a whole slew of biological triggers that ultimately end up with increasing level of serotonin which is then metabolized into melatonin making you sluggish and sleepy.


Why should dinner be the lightest meal of the day?

During the day we are active enough to burn the calories from what we eat. We walk around, work for at least 8 hours a day, May it be sitting before the computer whole day long, Still the metabolism is good at day time. But as we become less active toward the end of the day and metabolism slows down, Eating late dinner and that too as heavy as lunch we are not as likely to get rid of those calories before we turn in. Eating too close to bedtime increases your blood sugar and insulin, Which causes us to have a hard time falling asleep. That's why it's advisable that last meal should be the lightest of the day and should be eaten at least three hours before you go to sleep.

Boost rather than blaming your slow metabolism.

It is often noticed that people blame there their BMR for their weight gain. As a rule, Slow metabolism is one of the vital reasons behind your weight gain. But, It can’t be lauded as instinct except in few medical conditions and age related metabolism. In most of the cases unhealthy lifestyle has put the BMR at low. As a thumb rule, You must exercise to boost your metabolism. But, At the same time you must correct your eating pattern too.

Being on higher side of the scale, people often feel like skipping meal/crash diet and exercise will help them to shed some weight. This is biggest ever blunder done by the people in achieving fitness.

Let’s get the right way of boosting our metabolism:

  1. Do exercise regularly to burn calories. Brisk walk, aerobics, cycling and swimming are known to be best of this.
  2. Space out your meals properly. Eat right portion at regular intervals. When you eat most of the energy (by burning calories) are used for the process of digestion and assimilation and hence metabolism improves. But when you don’t eat our brain get the signal as famine and tries to store fat( energy) and hence metabolism slows down. Eating more at one meal also slows down the process of digestion.
  3. Include protein rich meals in your diet as its takes time to get digested and our body really works hard to metabolize that and you feel satiated for a long time.
  4. Don’t sit or lie on bed after meals. you must stroll  for 15 -20 minutes to boost your metabolism
  5. You may drink green teas, herbal teas, green coffee to boost your metabolism. But remember you must follow the thumb rule.

Your understanding will help you grow healthy !!